“For the last several years, we have committed every ounce of energy we collectively have to Eye Empire. We’ve shared great heights and unbelievable lows. Through it all, we stood together like brothers, sacrificing on behalf of one another pursuing a dream.

That vision, and the hopes that come with the quest remain.

Following the last run, it was brought to our attention that one member was making moves to re-assemble a former band. The moment that transpired, and there was an absence of communication, it was clear he had left the band.

For the fans that have supported us, we love you and owe you so much. There will be another Eye Empire album, and we will return to the road. However, that news will come when we find a fourth partner who is unequivocally committed to the journey and understands that our business is not to be misrepresented and aired with deceit publicly.”

Corey Lowery, BC Kochmit, & Ryan Bennett

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